New project

2013-03-05 18:14:19 by 333tiger

So im about to upload a frame by frame not to complicated or amazing but me and my buddy were playing around with it ide much appreciate if people would take a look and maybe some helpful comments and criticism would be nice :D

Recently scouted :)

2010-04-05 18:51:29 by 333tiger

check out my stuff :D

check out my art

2009-07-28 10:30:12 by 333tiger

my arts probly better then my flashes :P


2009-05-06 07:09:45 by 333tiger

Working on a new trippy flash most likely going to add sound this time haha. but this time im going to add a twisted and creepy flash XD


2009-04-05 17:05:16 by 333tiger

OBEY THE EVIL 333tiger OR DIE!!!